Time vs. Money Or Another Reason Being Middle-Class Sucks

Do you ever feel like you often have to choose between saving time or money? I do. That’s not to say it’s always a choice between one or the other, but it sure seems like it.  If you’re poor, you often have to save money and spend the time. If you’re rich, it’s a easy to save time by spending money.

timemoneyTake the example of hiring cleaning help. If you’re barely scraping by, there’s no way you could justify spending money on this luxury. If you’re rich, there’s no way you would clean the mansion all by yourself.  The assumption is that if your time is worth a $$$$ amount per hour and that time should not be taken up by chores.

However, if you’re in the middle, there isn’t a simple answer. You have to weigh the pros and cons of both options. For example, if it’s a particularly expensive month, I may have to skip the cleaning service. However, if my husband or I are extremely busy with work, spending money for cleaning is a much better option. Of course, oftentimes, we’re extremely busy during a high-spending month, at which point we are paralyzed by indecision.

In short, being middle-class sucks.