Limited Resources

I can’t forget the photo of the drowned Syrian boy, Aylan, who drowned along with his mother and brother while trying to escape to Europe from war-torn Syria. In that now “iconic” photo, Aylan is lying face-down on the beach. He appears to be sleeping. I can imagine his mother lovingly dressing him that morning in his bright red shirt, blue shorts and little shoes. I often dress my son in those same colors.

I know that there isn’t an easy solution. Europe can’t absorb millions of refugees from Syria and elsewhere.  Still, it’s hard not to ask why?

It’s not that we don’t have the resources; it’s just the resources are not distributed fairly. In the U.S., we have prisoners who have better living conditions than those in refugee camps. I would swap murderers and rapists for refugee families any day. I look at my own son, who has multiple health issues and may be on disability for life. He is lucky to be born here and to always have had medical insurance. I love him to death. Yet if we looked at this objectively, we’re putting millions to save his life while healthy toddlers like Aylan die due to limited resources.

Can the U.S. take some refugees? Can the U.S. and European Union pressure Arabic countries to take in more refugees? As far as I know, only Turkey is doing its part to help its Syrian neighbor. Can we provide more financial assistance to Turkey so that they can help more refugees?

For now, I’m donating to organizations like this one that try to save refugee lives.

Aylan, Syrian toddler, who died trying to get to Europe

Aylan, Syrian toddler, who died trying to get to Europe