2020 Decluttering Challenge: Mid-year Update

My goal was to get rid of 1 thing a day, or 365 items by year-end. Progress had been slow due to other priorities and difference of opinion with my partner about what stays or goes.

Then Covid-19 happened…

Goodwill stopped accepting donations, I stopped selling on OfferUp, and school closing left us quarantined with super needy, bored kids.

Below is a list of things we’ve gotten rid of in 2020 so far…

  1. Sound system (sold $200)
  2. Guitar (sold $200?)
  3. Heart rate monitor (sold $15?)
  4. Phone wall charger (sold $10?)
  5. Kitchen shelves (sold)
  6. Compact mirror (gifted)
  7. Silk shirt with rips (repurposed)
  8. Bags of kid clothing (sold, donated or trashed depending on condition)
  9. Light fixtures (2, donated)
  10. Toy Blocks (sold $5?)
  11. Guess who Board game (donated)
  12. Kid sneakers (new, sold)
  13. Box of books (donated)
  14. USB drive (gifted)
  15. Notebook (gifted)
  16. Old leather purse (donated)
  17. Ipad case (donated)
  18. Old bedsheets (trash)
  19. 10 year old lip gloss (trash)
  20. Christmas candle (donated)
  21. Laminated picture cards or PECs for ABA (free)
  22. Old backpack (trash)
  23. Old hammock (trash)
  24. Legos (sold $5)
  25. Fencing wood (free)
  26. 5 Terracotta pots (free)
One of the few stock photos showing a man shopping

Below is stuff that we accumulated during the same time period (not including toiletries and necessities). I always try to include taxes in the total.

COVID-19 QUARANTINE Spending begins at item #16.

  1. Large indoor plant ($120?)
  2. Large gray planter
  3. Children books (4 used)
  4. Laptop bag ($27.60 used , eBay)
  5. Fake hedges for privacy ($58)
  6. Recycling bins (2 for $38) because cardboard boxes won’t do
  7. Replacement cellphone for GPS tracking purposes ($50 + shipping)
  8. Child harness
  9. Light fixture for kitchen
  10. Sweater (secondhand, $53 plus shipping)
  11. Athletic sneakers ($100)
  12. Pool noodles
  13. Small heater ($40 new)
  14. Computer keyboard ($38)
  15. 4 sensory friendly bodysuits for kid (on sale! I couldn’t resist)
  16. Two plush toys ($15 new, ebay)
  17. Hammock (new, $40?)
  18. Patio dining table (new, $200)
  19. Patio dining chairs (4 new, $300)
  20. Kid clothes (new $68 total incl. shipping)
  21. Bicycles (2 new, $84 each?)
  22. Small folding table (new, $43, replacement)
  23. Inflatable pool ($101)
  24. Bubble machine ($20)
  25. Electric air pump ($24)
  26. Swim trunks (2 new, $28 total)
  27. Rash guards (BOGO, new, about $16)
  28. Pajama sets (4 new, $46?)
  29. Sneakers (1 pair, new, $40)
  30. Safety latches ($7)
  31. Balloons ($20+)
  32. Balls (2 new, $12)
  33. Overalls (1 used, $40)
  34. Drill attachment
  35. Shrubs and 2 plants ($220)
  36. Shower curtain (new, $60 including shipping and tax; supports independent artists)
  37. File cabinets (2 used, $80)

As you can see, more items came into our household than out. A big decluttering failure. I thought that many of my purchases are secondhand but the list clearly shows that isn’t true. I have to make more effort to buy less and used!

Are you currently decluttering or cluttering your home? Has COVID 19 impacted your spending habits?

Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow

Remember this post about my 2015 de-cluttering challenge? Well, that was a big fail. Somewhere along the way, my husband and I started spending like YOLO type of people. A large part of it was to reach a maximum spending on a new credit card to get rewards — something crazy like spend $4,000 in 3 months.

I can also blame this post “Stop Wasting Time on Minor Life Decisions” from I Will Teach You To Be Rich. It basically says that people waste too much time overthinking every little purchase. Since I’ve spent time comparing costs on toilet paper, I definitely fit into that category of people who waste time on minor decisions.  After reading this, I decided to spend less time comparison shopping. That’s not the bad part. However, I’m not quite sure why that this new habit was accompanied by a desire to hit the “buy” button more often.

I’ve just been hit with the new credit card bill.  Along with big costs like auto repairs, we’ve ‘cluttered’ our house with new clothes and shoes for everyone, emergency flashlights, a fire extinguisher, picture frames, chalkboard stickers, vacuum cleaner, motorized hair clipper, and a stockpile of household paper goods.

How do you stop the downward spiral of overspending?

De-Clutter Project 2015 Continues

Wow. Blonde On A Budget finished her 1-year shopping ban, which included embracing minimalism and de-cluttering a huge amount of STUFF. While I didn’t join the shopping ban, her actions inspired me to de-clutter our household.

The list continues..with newer items at top in bold.

Item – cash made, if any

  • 1 bag of toddler clothes – donated
  • 1 bag of corduroy jackets, winter hats, misc – donated
  • 1 bag of casual t-shirts, exercise clothes – donated
  • Old DVDs and CDs – donated
  • A few old books – donated
  • Hand weights – donated
  • Potty training seat (1) – donated
  • 6 designer toddler clothes – $10.50
  • 1 bag of toddler clothing – donated to raise money for schools
  • 1 bag of toddler / women’s clothing – $2.15
  • 1 pair of worn-out shoes – trash
  • 2 Baby gates – $50
  • 3 – 4 bags of baby clothes – donated
  • 1 high chair – $25
  • 1 stroller frame – $10
  • 2 bags of baby toys – donated
  • 1 box of books – donated

However, new items keep coming into the house:

  • 1 pair of Athletic Shoes (returned)
  • Brita water filters
  • Cashmere sweater
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • Kid safety latches
  • 2 Toys — one is a birthday gift
  • 1 pack of waterproof bibs
  • iPad cover
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • 1 pair of shoes that I really don’t need but love.
  • 1 pair of slippers
  • 1 stuffed animal
  • gray silk blouse (that I really don’t need)
  • Lip balms (2)
  • Shower Caddy
  • 2 picture frames
  • Flashlights
  • Boy school uniforms
  • Boys Halloween costumes
  • Oster Hair Trimmer


2015 De-Clutter Project

I really like the idea of a no-shopping challenge, or shopping ban, but I don’t have the willpower of Budgets Are Sexy or Blonde on A Budget.

However, I’m working on de-cluttering my space and I think keeping track of this will inspire me to get rid of more things.  At the end of the day, I just want to be surrounded by fewer STUFF and more space.

The list begins…

Item – cash made, if any

  • 2 Baby gates – $50
  • 3 – 4 bags of baby clothes – donated
  • 1 high chair – $25
  • 1 stroller frame – $10
  • 2 bags of baby toys – donated
  • 1 box of books – donated

Final Thought: Having a little or a lot is also a matter of perspective. I think that I have a minimalist wardrobe but an acquaintance recently commented that I own a lot of shoes!

I do NOT own this many shoes!

I do NOT own this many shoes!