31 Days Of Giving?

I am not a generous person. I don’t have a planned approach to giving and I can’t remember the last time I volunteered. However, even thought I’m a cynical frugal gal, I decided to give more this holiday season. Here’s my giving in progress.

  1. Donate $25 to a special needs classroom through donorschoose.org
  2. Donate $3 to keep Wikipedia ad-free
  3. Donate clothes to Salvation Army
  4. Donate 1 toy to Toy Drive
  5. Donate 1 bag of clothes to http://www.schoola.org ($ goes to schools)
  6. Donate $10 for a 4-year old boy killed by pit bulls.
  7. Donate $25 to help Syrian refugees
  8. Donate arts/crafts and office supplies to school. 
  9. Support independent artist via purchase on Etsy*
  10. Donate canned goods
  11. Gave cleaning lady some baby stuff
  12. Purchase online via http://www.igive.com*
  13. Donate 1 toy to another Toy Drive
  14. Register at Johnson & Johnson $2 donated to USO, plus if you buy $20 worth of J&J products, you can get a free shutterfly album.
  15. Donate toy to yet another Toy Drive.
  16. I’m a sucker for giving to classrooms. This one supports science and technology. I know some schools give an iPad to every child; unfortunately, schools in poorer neighborhoods do not have this advantage.
  17. Does leaving $ in a tip jar count? I hate those things.
  18. Donate $25 to another classroom for special learners through http://www.donorschoose.org. The Gates foundation is matching contributions (up to $500) so my little $25 = $50 for that class.
  19. Donate $20 to classroom. The Gates foundation is still matching gifts which doubles contributions to this very worthwhile project.
  20. Donate spare change to Ronald McDonald House.

Update: Well, I didn’t make it to 31 but I definitely enjoyed giving $ to classrooms.

If you’re really broke, here are some ways to “give back” without spending a dime, courtesy of femme frugality.


*If I include online purchases that result in a percentage of the sale going to a good cause, it can be pretty easy to get to #31.  I could buy some Toms and then count that as “charitable”. I just feel like I’m giving more to myself than to the charity.