There Will NOT Be A Revolution

Despite the title of this blog, I want to assure the upper-classes that the middle-class are highly unlikely of ever staging a rebellion.

Here’s Why:

French revolution

French revolution

1) We middle-class would very much like to join you in the upper-classes.  Some of us don’t even care how we get up there.

2) We don’t want to get our Khaki pants dirty.

3) We don’t like to protest unless we can do it from the comfort of our homes, preferably behind a computer or an anonymous blog!

4) We still believe in upward mobility even if stats tell otherwise.

5) We have good credit.

6) If you throw us a stick once in a while, like a 1-3% raise, we’ll be happy.

7) We still think that we can afford to own a home.

Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution

8) We are too busy and tired from trying to stay afloat on stagnant salaries.

9) We naively believe that if we pay for more lessons, SAT prep courses, and private school, our middle-class kids catch up to your kids, who get even more lessons, prep courses and go to more elite private schools.

10) Did I mention that we would really like to join the upper class?

Note: You probably should look out for the lower classes though.