About Me


After a break in 2016, I rejoined the Personal Finance world in March 2020.

I originally started this blog to document my family’s financial journey as a member of the lower Middle Class, who are woefully under-represented in the personal finance sphere.  My views are colored by special needs parenting, working class background/middle class mindset, world travel, environmentalism, and feminism.

While I certainly have strong opinions, I think it’s important to know both sides of every story. I read The Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal. I am a feminist who loved 80s misogynistic hair bands (only the good ones!). I follow a wide variety of personal finance bloggers, from frugal homesteaders to high-earning dual-income households to FIRE enthusiasts.

I hope others will find this a place for useful information – as well as occasional rants – about personal finance, healthcare, politics and other news that affect the lower to middle-class.

Happy reading!


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