Nowadays it’s harder and harder to stay in the Middle-Class. We’re one emergency or lay-off away from falling into the lower-class.  We don’t qualify for lower-income support programs.  We don’t get huge raises. We don’t get a lot of tax breaks.  We can’t afford college or adequate healthcare.

However, this is more than a space for me to complain.  This is the place to find the latest information about personal finance, economics, politics and other news that affect the woefully under-represented Middle-Class.  This is a place to stay informed.  This is a place to share ideas about hanging on to the Middle-class dream.

Here are selected posts to get you started.

Letters to Blue Cross and other Insurance Companies

There will NOT be a Revolution

No Wonder I Can’t Buy A House

Yes, There are people who want to work 40 hours a week and get ahead

5 Things the Middle Class Do For Money

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