Hard Choices – Midlife Crisis Edition

Remember my last list of hard choices? Well, due to an “unexpected” purchase, I’ve decided to take the new bedframe off the list. I’m also down-sizing smartphone expectations.

1)  Trip to Europe – $2,000 to 2,300? Mid-life crisis. I can justify this but at the same time, I know it’s a bit crazy to travel to Europe by myself.

2) Replace Car #1- $25,000+? This would replace Car #1 which needs some costly repairs. We’re not sure it’s worth it.

3) Swim Lessons – $300 to $500? We need private lessons for special needs kiddos. $39 per lesson — yikes — but I’m shopping around.

4) NEW! Smartphones – $650 (?) for two. UPDATE: I think I’d rather pay closer to $100 and no more than $150 for a phone. Smartphone prices are crazy!

5) NEW! Lawyer – $5,000 –  This is a wild guess. I assume a first-time  consultation is free but we would need time/expertise to create a special needs trust and wills.

6) Apple software program – I’m leaving this at #5 because I can’t ask my husband to stick to a budget now that my trip is pending.

7) Car #2  We spent $584.85 in 2015 for repairs.  More repairs anticipated.

8) Foam mattress  UPDATE: $600-700  – I looked into reader suggestions and have discovered a lot of quality mattresses that cost much less than the $2,000 I had anticipated.

9) NEW! Bed frame – $550 – DELETED

In terms of justification, it’s easy to mentally subtract the $550 from the $2,000 trip and convince myself that the trip is ‘only’ an extra $1,450 in terms of planned spending. BUT I think that’s a bit of a cheat.

I may post more information. Or I may take this post down at some point. I thought I was immune to mid-life crisis type purchases. Oh well….

Advice? Have you ever splurged due to a mid-life crisis (or quarter life crisis)? Do you know anyone who has? 

Mid-life crisis image from The Other Side of the Equation.



12 thoughts on “Hard Choices – Midlife Crisis Edition

  1. I’m sure plenty of people have but I don’t call it that because what do I know about their lives?

    Is this something you need or want to refresh your soul? Honestly I think a solo trip to anywhere including Europe, if you can swing it financially, is pretty awesome when you consider how much of you gets dedicated to taking care of others.


    • Definitely a want. We can swing it if we don’t get a rent increase. BUT It doesn’t look like my employer is giving any raises this year, while medical costs keep going up.


  2. If you don’t have a will/trust set up, that should be a high priority. It’s important with kids to specify who gets them in the event of both parents dying.

    If you’re not doing the special needs trust, I think you’re more in the $500 range. It probably won’t be 5K even with a trust.


      • Don’t know how old/independent your kids are, but have you looked into pooled trusts? That would only solve the problem or part of it… The actual day to day care would still be a concern, I imagine.


      • Yeah, I feel like I’d have to really trust the non profit, but it was something suggested to me at one point. Our situation is a little different in that we know who could manage the money, we’re just not sure who could manage the day to day. It can be intense.


  3. Ouch is right! I know I won’t regret it in the long run but I have to be careful not to make it a habit to spend $ due to a mid-life crisis mentality. Next thing you know, I’ll justify plastic surgery, a sports car or something.


  4. Okay, I just about died when I read that article. “When they die, narcissism will be so much lonelier.”

    Don’t be embarrassed about doing something you want to do. If giving up a bed frame and making a couple other sacrifices is worth going to Europe for you, do it. (Side note, I’d totally give up a bed frame to go on a trip, too.) You’re responsible enough to know how to handle your finances. You don’t need to be ashamed of your priorities.

    I know it’s over played, but personal finance is personal. Have a fantastic time!


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