Hard Choices, Part 7

We’ve been pretty good about keeping big expenses low for a few months. Then, all of a sudden, new BIG needs/wants spring up.

1)  Replace Car #1- $25,000+? This would replace Car #1 which needs some costly repairs. We’re not sure it’s worth it.

2) Swim Lessons – $300 to $500? We need private lessons for special needs kiddos. $39 per lesson — yikes — but I’m shopping around.

3) NEW! Smartphones – $650 (?) for two. Our phones are crapping out. I am willing to go with something in the $200 range but I think my husband would prefer something higher-end like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6. The lowest price I’ve seen for the S5 is $400.

UPDATE: I think I’d rather pay closer to $100 and no more than $150 for a phone. Smartphone prices are crazy!

4) NEW! Lawyer – $5,000 –  This is a wild guess. I assume a first-time  consultation is free but we would need time/expertise to create a special needs trust and wills.

5) Apple software program – I know my husband wants to get a new program. No idea of cost. I’m including this at #5 because he’s been complaining about his current program for weeks.

6) Car #2  We spent $584.85 in 2015 for repairs.  More repairs are probably needed this year.

7) Foam mattress  – $2,000 –  This has been on the “hard choices” list for a long time. Now I want a new bed frame, too.  UPDATE: $600-700  – I looked into reader suggestions and have discovered a lot of quality mattresses that cost much less than the $2,000! It looks this might move up the list.

narrow-leg-upholstered-bed-frame-natural-c8) NEW! Bed frame – $551 –  We still haven’t upgraded our 10+ year old mattress but now I want a new bed frame, too. I like a simple, modern style like one in the photo (left). For the frame only, it’s $551. Headboard is sold separately. I’m happy with our headboard but not sure how it will look with a new bed frame. Lifestyle inflation at work!

Since my last report, I’ve gotten retainer replacement ($400) and hub caps on Car #2 ($70).

What big items are on your wish list? What would you prioritize if you were me?


9 thoughts on “Hard Choices, Part 7

  1. I’m facing a similar dilemma with the car since there are some expensive repairs coming up and my car isn’t worth much. I think I’ll go with a used but relatively new car. As for the mattress, ours is still okay but I’ve read some bloggers (as well as amazon reviews) say good things about Tuft and Needle mattresses. According to them, a great mattress doesn’t have to cost a lot and much of the costs is marketing/ads so you can check them out. I’ll probably try them when the time comes to get a new mattress


  2. Right before I left for paradise, I squished the back of my car against my garage. So we’ll have to either get that fixed or get a new car or figure out something else. There’s also the decision about redoing the kitchen. And concerns about DH’s job security. (That’s after we spend everything that needs to get spent to get back home from paradise, including figuring out what to do when we’re homeless for about a week.) Oh money.


  3. Ugh. One of our cars needs repairs and I’m not looking forward to that bill. We just had to buy new bedding for one of the kiddos unexpectedly. I had bought a convertible crib, but it transferred into a double, and they only build the adaptive equipment we needed for a twin. Luckily I had kept my bed frame and head board from when I was a child, but box spring, mattress and equipment still ran us $400. Have you heard of Tuft and Needle? I hear good things and they’re less than half your budget, even for a king.


  4. I’ve been refusing to buy a new phone for months now, too, because I don’t want to pay that much. But the reality is that I do use my phone for work and for taking pictures of everything, and I do need a good quality functioning one. If I knew it would last longer than a year, it’d be an easier decision.

    (I started to leave my comment on the wrong post so I’m realizing that I’m the third person to say this) Mattresses: I’ve been doing research on this in case we need one and found Tuft & Needle might be worth trying. Much more affordable and I like their business model. I especially like that you get a trial period (and free returns!) which makes so much sense to me – I hate paying that much money for something I can’t try out for at least several nights or a couple weeks.

    Our retainer for the lawyer was about the same for our wills and trust and we need a new car. Really, it’s all good timing. *eyeroll*

    I wonder if you have a rec center aquatics club that might offer special needs swim classes?


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