Hard Choices, Part 6

The last time I wrote down my list of big expenses, it was relatively short. Of course it has gotten longer since. Plus, there seems to be no end to car care expenses.

1) Car #1 Repairs – $120 so far. The check engine light is still on and the car is showing signs of age. 

2) Car #2 $280 + $304.85 for brakes and rotor repair.= $584.85 this year so far. Both cars need some body work, too. I was quoted $700 for a paint job!

3) Airplane ticket (Spouse) – $600 –  Just purchased. Used 50,000 credit card bonus airline miles to offset this major expense. Otherwise this would have been around $1,200. Note: This is a kind of frugal fail, though the opposite of what most people make.  I sacrificed quality for price so my poor spouse has to endure a longer than average flight home. Next time I should just cough up the extra $400.

4) NEW! Replace Car #1- $25,000+ Spouse hates his car and is suddenly concerned about how others perceive our financial situation. The thought of buying a new “status symbol” car fills me with dread.

5) Foam mattress or topper (Both) – $1,000 – $2,200 – This may not move up in ranking until the mattress falls apart.

6) Car #2 hub caps –  Does a car look “ghetto” if it doesn’t have hub caps? I separated this from the other repairs because it’s mainly cosmetic.

7) Retainer replacement (Me) – $400+ – on hold..Big Time.

That’s it for now. I don’t include holiday spending on this list but my gift list is rather short.


2 thoughts on “Hard Choices, Part 6

  1. There are a couple different places to get a cheaper mattress online for waaaaay less than you think–I used tuft & needle and its an excellent mattress so far ( 6 months or so in). I would recommend it!


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