Hard Choices Part 5

We have so many “little” expenses right now that it’s turned me/us off to big spending. Here’s our priorities right now in terms of the bigger expenses:

car repair1) Car #1 Repairs – $120 so far. The check engine light is still on and the car is showing signs of age. 

2) Car #2 Maintenance – $280 so far.

3) Private Speech Therapy (Kids) – Paying privately for 1 session per week. I’m not adding up the expenses. However, the therapist may give us a few free lessons in exchange for videotaping our kid for a presentation.

4)  Airplane ticket (Spouse) – $1,300+ – Spouse has not been home in 4 years. We’re hoping to get a cheaper ticker during low season.

5) Foam mattress or topper (Both) – $1,000 – $2,200 – This may not move up in ranking until the mattress falls apart.

6) Retainer replacement (Me) – $400+ – on hold

I can’t believe this list is relatively short.


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