Stuff I Would Endorse

If I ever got to be a big-time blogger (if there is really such a thing..), here are some products and retailers that I would readily endorse. I thought I’d put it out there now so that readers will know I’m genuine if I ever write sponsored posts.

alternative_slogans-21) Coca-Cola: Is Coca-cola addiction a real thing? Well, it is for me.

2) Apple: Windows pissed me off one too many times.

3) Bio-true: I didn’t know there were major differences in contact lens solution formulation until I tried this. No more dry eyes!

4) Magic Eraser: It works.

5) Bon Ami: Gentle yet tough cleaning powder

6) Trader Joes: I am not a regular but I will be happy to endorse a few, favorite products.

Alternative Slogans For Favorite Name Brands

Alternative Slogans For Favorite Name Brands

8) Crest and Colgate: I am pretty sure that I’ll always stay with these two brand because that’s what my parents bought when I was a kid.

9) Automobile Club (AAA): Having AAA services give me peace of mine.  I’ve had good experience with their renter’s insurance, too.

10) Yelp: I can’t make dining decisions without them.


5 thoughts on “Stuff I Would Endorse

  1. I’d endorse Netflix, Hulu, Amazon/Amazon Prime, philosophy products (some of the only stuff my husband’s skin can stand) and probably a few other things that aren’t coming to mind right now.


  2. Amazon Prime, Trader Joes, Netflix, Uber, Apple, Lego, Phil and Teds….those are just things I’ve used in the past 2 days and that take a lot of my money—I’d be happy to endorse them!


  3. Definitely Amazon Prime, and I’m with you on the Coke products: Although I know Diet Coke isn’t the healthiest thing to put into my body, I drink a few cans a week. But I also grow my own salad greens, make my own yogurt and soak a lot of dried beans. I figure it evens out.

    Do you save the package codes/product caps for the My Coke Rewards program? If not, start doing so because one of the reward options is a free 12-pack. Other options are free AMC movie tickets and Amazon and Target e-gift cards. Get family/friends to save you codes as well and you’ll be able to recoup some of the cost of buying the stuff. (Last Christmas they temporarily dropped the price to 30 points for a 12-pack. Boy, did I stock up! I plan to stockpile points this fall in case that happens again.)


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