Why I Re-Started Reading Personal Finance Blogs

Around 2009-10, I stopped reading finance blogs. This was a huge change for me since I had read these types of blogs from the beginning, when the idea of putting a personal spin on finance, mistakes and all, was unheard of. I spent hours reading blogs like The Simple Dollar, Boston Gal’s Open Wallet, Get Rich Slowly, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Fabulously Broke, World of Wealth, Give Me Back My Five Bucks and Blogging Away Debt. Many of these sites had not yet “monetized” and were more personal than they are now (some are gone).

dollar-bill-eye-providenceI also read and participated in some money “carnivals” which were a compilation of finance-related posts that was “hosted” by one blogger.   Reading and commenting on these blogs were a daily part of my weekday.

I had many reasons for going cold turkey on finance bloggers. The main reason was that reading all those finance blogs daily made me think of money ALL THE TIME.  That wasn’t healthy for me or my relationships.

This year, I returned to the fold so to speak. Things have changed!

I am glad to see the Budgets Are Sexy and Punch Debt in the Face were still around and as irreverent as ever. In contrast, The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly no longer had that personal spin even though their founders still publish posts from time to time.

I was also dismay to see the lack of comments and conversation going on. I remember when many of these bloggers had hundreds of comments per post. You could often learn a lot just from reading comments. Nowadays people communicate via other mediums or find it hard to comment if they’r reading via mobile. I’m guilty of that myself!

I discovered new finance “stars” like Mr. Money Mustache. It seems that people tend to follow those who are more “in your face” and strict about their finance philosophies.

It’s also interesting to re-discover 20-something money bloggers who are now older and often with a kid or two. Some bloggers I used to read are now parents (A Gai Shan Life and Little Miss Moneybags) or thinking about parenthood (Stacking Pennies).

Of course all this reading has made me think about money a lot more and I’m not sure that’s a positive thing.  I just have to make sure that I read other blogs that touch on different aspects of life like time management, work / life balance, fashion, and cats & feminism & academia.

What is your relationship with finance blogs? How long have you been reading?


4 thoughts on “Why I Re-Started Reading Personal Finance Blogs

  1. Someone over at GRS needs to check the spam filter– anything I comment doesn’t post now, and I don’t think I’ve been purposefully blocked. It’s really unlikely that Donna Freedman post got so few comments. For most of the day it only had 2!


  2. *waves* Good to have you back!

    I don’t actively think about money all the time anymore, not like I did between 2005-2010, but even though I read a much wider variety of blogs now, without my google reader, I don’t regularly read very much because my time is so much more limited. We read a LOT of the same blogs though 😉


  3. My fave blogs are A Gai Shan Life and Save Spend Splurge. I also really like The Billfold, which isn’t a blog per se, more Gawker-style article/blogroll-esque thing. Lots of essays from different writers about their feelings (oh so many feelings) with money. I much prefer people talking about how money has affected them personally than some broad brush-strokes you-should-do-this-or-your-a-complaineypants blog. That said, I know the latter gets better traffic so, eh.


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