How to Sell Your Stuff (AKA “sh*t) on FB

Awesome tips about selling on facebook

All the Sun For You

So I’ve been busy lately – so very busy.  Hottie and I contemplated a move to Kansas City and I was 90% sure we’d make the move – in my head, we were gone.  I was shopping for houses, schools, friends (you know who you are), cupcake vendors, etc.  My head was in the  moving game, which meant it was time to get rid of STUFF!  With the recent, final decision back in November that we’re done growing our family, I have been ready to sell everything baby-related.  Before the topic of the move came up, I started casually selling baby gear and clothes on FB and CL, but once the move discussion was in full-force… well… I started selling everything.

I was a novice, I had no idea what I was doing and actually had Hottie help me post my first item on CL.  It sold in an hour…

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