Small Wins

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I like to jot down small “wins” that I’ve done to make my life easier. These are not major achievements by any means but these wins do give me a small sense of pride.

  • Paid for Valet Parking: I was barely making it to my son’s doctor appointment and the traffic was horrendous.  I was in a left-turn lane and only one car was going through when the light turned green. When I finally got into the parking area, the building’s parking lot was full and the valet was directing people to another lot.  By the time I turn around and walk back with toddler in tow, it would take another 20-30 minutes.  So I asked about valet parking and was in the door in 3 minutes.   If you know me, you’d know that I would never choose valet parking under normal circumstances. It just seems like a waste of money. Plus, my car is a bit dinged-up and always in need of a wash. However, by doing this, we made it to our appointment on time and it turned out that valet parking was only $3 more than regular parking. $3 that saved me from a major hassle.  A win!
  • Avoided A Meeting: I’ve been taking time off from work for several personal errands and appointments.  My boss is pretty flexible but I could tell that he was getting a bit concerned.  So I did something that had never occurred to me before…I asked if I could change an in-person meeting to a scheduled call. That is a norm for business but hasn’t been the norm for my dealings with this particular government agency. They agreed and I was able to get my questions answered without leaving my desk!  Note: I’m going to continue doing this from now on. There are many instances where people ask to meet when things could get done via email or phone.
  • Bought Additional Support Garments, Finally: I’m counting the purchase of 4 additional bras as a win. I finally threw out items that were uncomfortable and no longer provided support.  Most importantly, I can stretch out the time between doing laundry (my personal load, not including the kids).

Any small wins you care to share?


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