2015 De-Clutter Project

I really like the idea of a no-shopping challenge, or shopping ban, but I don’t have the willpower of Budgets Are Sexy or Blonde on A Budget.

However, I’m working on de-cluttering my space and I think keeping track of this will inspire me to get rid of more things.  At the end of the day, I just want to be surrounded by fewer STUFF and more space.

The list begins…

Item – cash made, if any

  • 2 Baby gates – $50
  • 3 – 4 bags of baby clothes – donated
  • 1 high chair – $25
  • 1 stroller frame – $10
  • 2 bags of baby toys – donated
  • 1 box of books – donated

Final Thought: Having a little or a lot is also a matter of perspective. I think that I have a minimalist wardrobe but an acquaintance recently commented that I own a lot of shoes!

I do NOT own this many shoes!

I do NOT own this many shoes!


2 thoughts on “2015 De-Clutter Project

  1. It’s taking my husband and I a long time to sort through and de-clutter our garage and home, but I can’t wait to gain more space and like getting the extra cash.


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